Parbat 3D

Parbat 3D is a tool for displaying, navigating, and visualizing large images associted with remote sensing - particularly satellite imagery.

Written for the Microsoft Windows platform, with portability in mind, Parbat 3D utilizes the GDAL library for fast image management, and OpenGL for hardware-accelerated display and visualization.



Please see our screenshots directory.

Obtaining Parbat 3D

You will find download links, and other resources on our project page, also kindly hosted by Logo

Parbat 3D Team

The Parbat 3D development team consists of:
Damian Brockie
Rowan James
Shane Kingston
Matthew McKellar-Spence
Dafydd Williams

Developing on/for Parbat 3D

See developer intro page.

Background of the Project

To Do

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